New Media and Peace

Blogs and Bullets: New Media in Contentious Politics: This is an excellent report that looks at the role of new media in conflict from five levels of analysis: individual transformation, intergroup relations, collective action, regime policies, and external attention.

Watch the video aout the report: Impact of New Media on Political Conflict

Listen to audio from another event by the authors: Sifting Fact from Fiction: The Role of Social Media in Conflict

Shirky v Morozov Debate: Here is the debate about the role of social media in the recent political revolutions by the two most influential thinkers on the field.

Morozov, E. (2009). How dictators watch us on the web.

Shirky, C. (2004). The Net advantage.

Morozov, E. (2010). Why the internet is failing Iran’s activists.

Shirky, C. (2010). The Twitter Revolution. more than just a slogan.


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