What is Peace Media

Peace Media is the use of mass communication channels and techniques to advance the peaceful resolution of violent conflict

  • Peace media is journalism that cares for peaceful conflict transformation.
  • Peace media is social marketing that supports peace agreements.
  • Peace media is entertainment education programs that promote peace.
  • Peace media is the regulation of hate broadcasting.

NPR story from Colombia

The World’s Marco Werman tells us about a program in Colombia called Canta Conmigo. It’s a government program that provides music instruction to former guerilla fighters to reintegrate them into peaceful society.

PSAs promoting peace negotiations in Israel

Listen to this NPR story: Palestinians, Israelis Say Expectations Are Low


4 thoughts on “What is Peace Media

  1. Hello Vlad! Just a word of thanks for coming to our class at SPI. I look forward to keeping in contact with you to garber insight into the lanscape of peace media! I think some good contacts were made yesterday… we were all buzzy about your talk and John Marks… what a dynamic duo of speakers!

    Thank you!!

    Paulette Moore

  2. Do you know specific papers with researh about interventions in peace education through mass media (for example, using movies, or another narrative format designed to entertain an audience)?

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